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While the style may differ between north and south, traditional music comprising of singing, clapping, drumming and dance are ritualized events occurring at funerals, ceremonies, festivals, weddings and other public and private gatherings. Drums and gong-gong are more prevalent in the south, while string instruments and the calabash are more used in the north.

At festivals and celebrations the music and dance will be a social ritual that tells a story or re-enacts an event of historical significance to the tribe.

Ghana’s diverse culture is depicted through its many exciting festivals which are held throughout the year. The festivals and the ceremonies reflect the rich diversity of history and culture of tribal life in the regions.

The Art of Dance & Music

Inseparable from traditional music, the dance and ceremony that accompanies it is used to greet gods and spirits, to re-enact or tell a story or legend, or simply as a social recreation. These ceremonial dances may occur at funerals, celebrations, important historical dates and festivals.

There are simply too many rituals and dances to describe, but here are some of the major dances that you may encounter while in Ghana.