African Friends of United States, Inc. founded in 2003 as 501c3 Public Charity provides programs for youth and adults. As a leading advocate of the Africa Day Parades in New York metropolitan area, our Fontomfrom Cultural Troupe has participated in events throughout the metropolitan New York area. This year 2018, AFUS as we are known is upgrading all of our social media, adding a radio program that will broadcast to all of Africa, and has been designated by the City of Yonkers to create the first International Festival on the Waterfront coming in August of 2019. AFUS is also in the process of building our own education and resource center to be made available for housing our programs for youth leadership and mentoring, adult training, business consulting, and performances and Events. This facility will be located in the waterfront area of Yonkers, NY and will be open to the use of other not for profit organizations in the New York metropolitan area in need of meeting space and event space.

Purpose & Vision

  • To promote inter cultural understanding and appreciation among people of different backgrounds.
  • To serve as a link between various African organization with a view establishing a permanent African Day parade in the United States.
  • To educate young people in schools and community centers on African culture, heritage and rich diversity of the continent.
  • To be a uniting force for Africans and African Americans from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • To embark on cultural shows in institutions and deliver all.
  • To enhance environmental awareness and amelioration.
  • To improve health care eg. HIVand delivery of human services in rural Africa.

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