In an effort to represent African and African American in building a place where we can accomplish our mission and purpose: This resource center will be used to educate our youth in minority neighborhoods, in history, economic and environmental health. We will also teach the importance of African & African American culture while sharing research on various topics.


  • Social gatherings
  • Performing art school
  • Indoor passive recreation
  • Independence Day celebration of various countries
  • Fix the absence of African Arts and cultural groups in New York
  • Pursuit of research education


What Are The Goals Of This Project?
ƒ To help  A.F.U.S. plan for and improve the quality of family
services by improving facilities and increasing collaboration among service
What Are Family Resources?
ƒ A range of support services to help families raise healthy children:
– Examples include center-based childcare, Family Service Workers, and itinerant services such as Infant
Learning Programs and public health visits
What Are The Specific Expected Outcomes Of This Project?
ƒ Partner with each community to complete a plan to improve family resources
ƒ Implement plan for improving services through steps such as:
– Develop plan and design for a “one stop” Family Resource Center by building
new or renovating existing structure(s)
– Work with service providers to implement a team approach to helping families
ƒ Successful fundraising and grant writing
Major Benefits of a Family Resource Center:
ƒ Remove barriers to effective service delivery – families find all resources under
one roof
ƒ Improve quality of family services through greater collaboration & team approach
ƒ Reduce costs for providing services through sharing equipment, support staff &