Providing Cultural, Entertainment and Educational Programs to promote International friendship

Our Portfolio

Afus Ghanaian culture

African Arts & Culture

A.F.U.S. works to elevate Black Heritage through music, and arts and promote the growth of literature, drama, and dance. It participates in all Black Heritage festivals exhibiting historical and cultural solidarity.

Community Improvements

A.F.U.S. takes a transformative approach to economic empowerment by encouraging Black and Latina women to own their economic security through entrepreneurship, an entry point for people of color

Education & Programs

A.F.U.S. after school activities which include lessons and homework support integrated with creative arts, life skills and sports. This will allow positive youth development minimizing risky behaviors.

Cultural King Artifacts For Sale

We sell Masks

Integrity is our core value at Cultural King of Africa. Our artifacts are all authentic and straight from the motherland

We sell Artifacts

We Sell African Masks, African Figures and African Textiles. We offers great discount to our buyers.

We sell Textiles

Check out our stores online for all our collections.

Social Events

A.F.U.S. is actively involved in all African American events happening in the area. We represents at Ghanaian funerals, outdoorings, marriage ceremonies, and other African social events. We donate for a good cause and assist our fellow Ghanaians/ Africans when in need.

Social Action

This organization will help build the youth of color in the New York with leadership development programs, media advocacy and general education. We will help Empower women of color to create financial stability.

African Artifacts

To help people understand the various forms of inventions, culture and history, A.F.U.S. has established a company called Cultural King to help display these forms of artwork showing the history of ancient African society.

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